Chuang Shi
Professional editing
Techniques for Photography
Camera technology
施闯(Chuang Shi),现就读于澳洲八大蒙纳士大学,主修media of communication,在校学习了系统的传媒学理论,经济学基础以及电影拍摄。 校内参加了MCSA蒙纳士中国学生会,会内担任宣传部副部长,视频组组长,负责统筹学生会视频拍摄,剪辑以及平台运营(抖音,B站,视频号) 实习经历:


3.中国新闻社 ( 视频实习生)跟随摄影师外出拍摄,负责一定数量的空镜头以及人像拍摄。撰稿,发布文章的编辑排版以及初审。对接指定组织或机构,安排拍摄前的准备工作。 发掘新闻热点,紧跟时事。
Chuang Shi is now studying in the third year of The Eight Monash Universities in Australia, majoring in Media of Communication. He has systematically studied media theory, basic economics and film shooting. Participated in THE MCSA Monash Chinese Student Union, served as the deputy director of the Publicity Department and the leader of the video team, responsible for the overall planning of the video shooting, editing and platform operation of the Student Union (Douyin, B station, video number).

Sales and Front Office at China Hong Qian Trading Co., Ltd., Kunming 2020 — 2021
• Actively follow up customer needs and maintain a good customer relationship;
• Feedback customer needs and suggestions, coordinate service implementation departments, and improve customer satisfaction;
• Cooperate with sales staff to do various statistical work of engineering projects; assist in the organization, coordination and reception of various company activities

assistant teacher at New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc., Kunming 2021 — 2021 • Assist the teacher to complete the teaching content, listen to the class and ensure that he can answer questions for the students after the class, and can communicate with the Chinese and foreign teachers in a timely manner on the students' situation; • Follow, supervise and manage the students throughout the process, ensure the safety of the students, and take pictures for the students to record the learning and living conditions; • Cooperate with and complete the relevant work of each functional group, and complete other flexible work arranged by the superior.

Video Department Intern at China News Service, Kunming April 2021 — 2021 • Follow the photographer to go out to shoot, responsible for a certain number of empty shots and portrait shooting. • Writing, editing, layout and preliminary review of published articles. • Connect with designated organizations or institutions to arrange preparations before shooting. • Discover news hotspots and keep up with current ecurrent events.
2.计算机水平: 熟练使用Word、Excel、PowerPoint、等办公软件。熟练使用pr,ps等软件。
Personal Skills:
1. Language level: PTE 58 points, able to use English as working language to communicate.
2. Computer skills: Proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other office software. Proficient in PR, PS and other software.
3.Image Technology: Photography, camera shooting, later stage
4. Academic theory: Systematic media theory, basic economics, film shooting knowledge.
5. Hobbies: Guitar, fitness.
professional ability
Personal ability
Video shooting
Landscape portrait photography
Undergraduate student in Media theory
PTE 58
Basic knowledge of economics
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